About me

Előd Bálint Erdély

I was born in Udvarhely, 19 June 1976. I graduated in 1998 in the Bányai János Technical School of Industry in the .székely mother town.. After finishing highschool I was the camera-man of the local Digital 3 Television between 1999-2004.
My favourite subjects are: sociological photography, nudes and everything challenging.I am open to all new approaches.

My approach was mainly influenced by the experiences of film shootings, the stolen illuminating technics.

Professional autobiography


1995-Photo exhibition at a school event in the Banyai Janos highschool
1997-Photo exhibition .With green eyes.-III. Prize
1997-Photo exhibition-the prize of .Haaz Rezso. Museum
2000-Photo-video magazine-.The photographer of the year.-another prize
2002-.Szekelyvarsag with the eyes of Orban Balazs.-participant of the Photo camp exhibition
2002-prize of the II. International Hungarian Photo Art Exhibition-cover photo
2002. – Application: Playboy : II. prize in the art category
2002. – Individual nude photo exhibition in Szekelyudvarhely: .The colours and lights are playing upon women.s body.
2003. – Application: Experiment-honorary award of a national application
2003. – Application: Orange national application-honorary award
2003. -Exhibition of fine arts in Gyergyószentmiklós, Csíkszereda -author of the photographs .On the highway of Transylvania.
2003. -Exhibition in Székelyudvarhely on the occasion of Hungarian Photography Day
2004. -Discourse in Székelyudvarhely in the Club Roatary with the title . The light draws.
2004. – Participant of the local exhibition .Our town.- Szekelyudvarhely
2004. -Permanent individual exhibition in the rampart of Szekelyderzs temple: .Székelyderzs in pictures. on the occasion of Village Days
2004. – .Photography – ethnographic document. application in Cluj organized by the County Council and County Community Centre
2004. -Individual exhibition in Székelyudvarhely: .The present of szekely villages.
2005. -Exhibition in Székelyudvarhely with the title .Along the Gagy with the eyes of Orban Balazs. organized by the Udvarszek Cultural Association and Hargita County Cultural Centre
2005. -Exhibition in Csíkszereda: .In the Gyimes villages with the eyes of Orban Balazs. organized by the Cultural Centre, on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture.s Day
2005. – Individual exhibition in Sepsiszentgyörgy: .The present of szekely villages. – Workhouse
2005. – .Gipsy life. – individual exhibition , G spot Cafe, Szekelyudvarhely
2005. March 8 – . MALE NUDES. individual exhibition in Székelyudvarhely, G spot Cafe
2005. – .Along the Gagy with the eyes of Orban Balazs. -exhibition in Marosvásárhely
2005. – Application of FOTOMAGAZINE , II. placing in nude category
2005. – EXPERIMENT mational photo application, prize in black and white category
2006. – Corpus illustris – individual nude exhibition, Marosvásárhely, Castle Gallery
2006. – In Homorodszentmarton with the eyes of Orban Balazs – collective exhibition in Székelyudvarhely,Community Arts Centre
2006. -In Eted with the eyes of Orban Balazs-Collective exhibition in Marosvásárhely, Bernády House
2006. -The present of szekely villages-individual exhibition in Gyor, Petõfi Sándor Community House, on the occasion of a cultural program .

The Beauty of Transylvania -Beauty contest since 2002- poster, calendar, insert photos.

Film shootings
2001. – Ibrinkó (Puszt Tibor), technical associate
2001. – Work entitled .It was a beautiful death. (Jeli Ferenc director / Kurucz Sándor cameraman), assistant cameraman
2003. -Work entitled . Rom-Mania .(Nándori József director), assistant cameraman and photographer
2004. – Work entitled .God speed you. (Gózon Francisco director), camera assistant
.The archbishop.s visit. , photographer

2002. – Székelyvarság , Szentegyháza
2003. – Borszék, Oroszhegy
2004. – Csíkszereda, Sepsiszentgyörgy / student photocamp (instructor), Szent Ábrahám, Gyímesek
2005. – Homoródszentmárton, Etéd photocamp, organized by Hargita County Cultural Centre
2005. – Média ART, fine arts photo camp, Vargyas
2005. – Sepsiszentgyörgy / student photo camp (instructor)
2006. – Gyergyóalfalu, Csíkkarcfalva -organized by Hargita County Cultural Centre
2006. – Sepsiszentgyörgy / student photo camp (instructor)

Fellowship prize
2003-2004. Creator.s fellowship from National Hungarian Cultural Foundation

Appearance in publications

2002. -.Shingleland.- Székelyvarság in pictures (HMKK books)
2003. -Roaming- Borszék and its surroundings (HMKK books)
2004. – Traveling around the world
2004. – The impression of a town, Csíkszereda and its surroundings (HMKK books)
2004. – .Transylvanian village. (Cluj)
2004. -Hungarian stockbreeder- MAGYAR ÁLLATENYÉSZTÕK magazine cover photo (october)
2005. – .NAPOM, NAPOM, FÉNYES NAPOM.(My Sun, my Sun, my bright Sun.) Gyimes Valley pictures (HMKK books)
2006. – Fábián Kornélia: The sea is everyhting (interviews)
2006. -Monumental temples of Udvarhelyszék